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From tunnel ventilation to thermal comfort on your daily commute: CFD applications in the Rail industry

As you become more immersed in the world of CFD/simulations, you also begin looking around you and identifying more aspects of your everyday life impacted by engineering simulation. Learn how work by engineers in the Rail industry now means your daily commute contains many good examples of how CFD has improved both your comfort and safety.

Swapping Fuel for More Beer on your next Caravan Holiday

Caravan owners are well aware that the speed they drive at and the shape of their caravan can greatly affect fuel consumption.
In partnership with Caravan World magazine, we've taken a closer look into the performance of caravans with the aid of CFD, including some less obvious factors that can help shave off the drag on your caravan and improve fuel consumption.

An Increasing Appetite for Innovation in the Food Industry

Companies in the food & beverage industries looking to grow their business are implementing new technologies, such as simulation, to enable their engineers to develop new products and implement process innovations necessary to provide efficiencies of scale. Here are 7 ways that food & beverage manufacturers can harness cutting-edge simulation technology.

ANSYS simulation workflow for pump systems – a fascinating webinar

We encounter pumps in our everyday life in all manner of applications, be it in our dishwasher or car; or indirectly in water supply, oil pipelines, cooling water pumps and many more applications. In fact, the very significant fraction of the world’s energy used for pumping may well surprise you - and therefore the potential opportunity for improved pump design to deliver big savings (both in dollars as well as greenhouse gas emissions), a point which hit home to me this week when I watched a recent webinar on using ANSYS 17.0 to model and optimise pumps and other turbomachinery. At LEAP, our engineers watch many different webinars but I found this one particularly captivating as it clearly showed the entire pump design process from start to finish: starting...

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