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Using CFD to predict flow-generated noise and other aeroacoustic effects

Flow-generated noise can have significantly adverse effects on our everyday lives. Product designers and engineers at the world’s most innovative and successful companies have recognised this fact, and are increasingly using CFD to incorporate noise mitigation strategies into their product design process.

(Part 2) 10 Useful Tips on selecting the most appropriate multiphase flow CFD models

As we discussed in our previous post, the first step when  tackling a multiphase CFD problem is to identify the key characteristics of your physical system.  Once you've done this (using our checklist if you are still new to multiphase CFD), you can begin to make informed decisions on what multiphase modelling approaches to use....

Webinar: Overview & Recent Advancements in Multiphase Flow Modelling with Dr. Markus Braun, ANSYS Inc

In advance of his visit to Australia in December, LEAP Australia is pleased to announce a webinar to be conducted by Dr. Markus Braun on Wednesday November 14th at 4pm AEDT (Syd/Mel daylight savings time).  This webinar will provide an overview of multiphase flow modelling techniques and discuss recent advancements that impact the use of...

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