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LEAP's Highlights from Ansys 2021 R2 Fluids release

Ansys 2021 R2 has arrived. bringing further enhancements and usebility improvements. Once again, Prof. David Fletcher from LEAP has done the hard work by providing a series of short highlight summaries which are embedded below. Note that you can hover over the timeline of each video to view and jump between sections.

Each video is embedded below and the full playlist is also accessible here.

As always, please ask any questions via the comments below, or for LEAP customers in Australia and New Zealand you can submit support questions here to learn more about specific new features and how you can best utilise them.

Ansys Fluids - User Experience, Meshing Workflow, Solver and HPC enhancements & Turbomachinery

Ansys Fluids - Aerospace enhancements & Battery and Fuel Cell Modelling

Ansys Fluids - Multiphase Flows, Heat Transfer, Turbulence Modelling & Intrinsic FSI

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