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LEAP's Highlights from Ansys 2021 R1 Fluids release

Ansys 2021 R1 brings a multitude of new advances and usebility enhancements. As before, there is almost too much content to cover, so Prof. David Fletcher from LEAP has done the hard work for you and provided below a series of short highlight summaries, with a general overview followed by tailored content specific to particular physics / applications / topics of interest.

Each video is embedded below in a series, and the full playlist is also accessible here.

As always, please ask any questions via the comments below, or for LEAP customers in Australia and New Zealand you can submit support questions here to learn more about specific new features and how you can best utilise them.

Ansys Fluids General Update / User Interface - suitable for all users:

Ansys Fluids - Advances in Fluent Meshing:

Ansys Fluids - Advances in Turbomachinery simulation:

Ansys Fluids - Advances in Multiphase simulation incl. Discrete Particle Modelling:

Ansys Fluids - Advances in simulation of high-speed flows:

Ansys Fluids - Advances in Heat Transfer & Radiation simulation:

Ansys Fluids - Advances in Turbulence & Acoustics simulation:

Ansys Fluids - Advances in Fluent Structural Model, Moving Mesh and Overset method:

Ansys Fluids - Advances in Solver Numerics & HPC:

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  • Thank you for these videos. Could you please release a video in which the best methods and models can be used when simulations are started from steady flow and changed to turbulent flow in the presence of species transfer and once the flow is stable multiphase without phase change is added and then multiphase with phase change is added with two and then four phases. Any general example will do if possible will gases and liquid gases.

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