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Guest Blog by ANU Rocketry: Democratisation of Space starts with university student teams

Founded in 2018 to participate in the Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC), students from the Australian National University’s (ANU) Rocketry team are striving to develop a rocket capable of passing the boundary of outer space and being safely recovered by parachute upon re-entry. This lofty goal has led the team to move away from commercially available solid-fuel propelled rockets to develop their own in-house designed bipropellant liquid-fuel engine, with the help of Ansys aerothermal analysis to predict the heat flux at the space rocket’s leading edges during its hypersonic ascent phase.

Guest Blog by USYD Rocketry Team: Reaching for the Skies

Rocket Body Axes

Guest Blog by USYD Rocketry Team (URT) who use simulation in their development of high-power sounding rockets to compete in the Australian Universities Rocketry Competition (AURC) and Spaceport America Cup. URT was the first Australian team to compete and took first place in the 10,000 ft COTS category with their Silvereye rocket.