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ANSYS CFD assists the Pharmaceutical Industry to address scale-up challenges

velocity vectors in an unbaffled reactor

For R&D and production engineers working in the pharmaceutical industry, the real challenges commence after a new drug molecule has been discovered. They are then tasked with taking a process that has been designed and verified at a small-scale (such in a test tube or a micro-reactor) and successfully reproducing this at an industrial scale (for full production volumes). This process is typically done in two stages: 1) by first designing a process and validating it at the pilot-scale where equipment has a size of around a metre, and once this equipment is working robustly, then 2) scaling-up to production-scale which often involves a linear scale-up of a factor of 10, which is equivalent to a volumetric scale-up of a factor of 1000!   To...

Using CFD to predict flow-generated noise and other aeroacoustic effects

Flow-generated noise can have significantly adverse effects on our everyday lives. Product designers and engineers at the world’s most innovative and successful companies have recognised this fact, and are increasingly using CFD to incorporate noise mitigation strategies into their product design process.

Using CFD to enhance your mixing process and drive down costs

Mixing processes are critical to a wide range of industrial applications across the the paint, food, pharmaceutical, minerals and water treatment industries. CFD is becoming fundamental to the successful operation of mixing processes including clarification, cell culture growth, fermentation, polymerization and blending.

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