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Shape Optimisation without constraints - How to use the Adjoint Solver Part 1

Engineers are continually under pressure to improve the performance of their products and often look to gain an edge using optimisation techniques - trying to reduce drag, increase lift (or downforce), or reduce pressure drop. Rather than relying on intuition to make geometry changes that are often constrained (using a parametric CAD approach), you can now use the new Adjoint solver to compute localised sensitivity data (related to your objectives) and optimize your design semi-automatically.

Solving Conjugate Heat Transfer problems

  For many simulations of real world engineering applications, the predictions of heat transfer properties are as important, if not more important, than the actual flow field. Such scenarios include simulations of heat exchangers, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), combustion/burners, electronics cooling, and many more. In these applications, we are often interested in how heat...

Sunswift leads race to Adelaide in new "Cruiser" class of 2013 World Solar Challenge

In the past, posters of cars such as the KTM Crossbow and Infiniti Red Bull F1 would adorn the bedroom walls of teenagers who were passionate about motorsport, while solar cars were banished to science fairs as a mere curiosity. Enter the UNSW Sunswift Solar Car Team, who are looking to radically change this status...

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