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Ansys 2022 R1 Fluids Update

Ansys 2022 R1 is now available for download and brings with it huge improvements in performance, usability, speed and model physics. In this article we summarise our recent webinar in which Prof. David Fletcher guided participants through the key new features of greatest interest to our customers in Ansys 2022 R1 for CFD.

Each video is embedded below and the full playlist is also accessible here.

As always, please ask any questions via the comments below, or for LEAP customers in Australia and New Zealand you can submit support questions here to learn more about specific new features and how you can best utilise them.


Ansys Fluids - Usability Improvements: Embedded window and animation enhancements, View Synchronisation, Mesh Rendering Enhancements, Expressions Enhancements, Easier access to add-on modules from GUI (added to ribbon).

Ansys Fluids - Meshing Improvements: Enhanced Orthogonal Quality, Multiple wildcard support for meshing, Improvements to Watertight Meshing, Improvements to Fault-Tolerant Meshing.

Ansys Fluids - Rotating Machinery: TurboGrid Hybrid Meshing, Blade Row Interface Improvements, Non-Equilibrium Wet Steam Model, Blade Film Cooling Model for Gas Turbines, Turbo Workflow, Periodic Instancing.

Ansys Fluids - Combusting and Reacting Flows: Improved Finite-Rate Chemistry, Non-adiabatic Stained FGM, Combustion Model, Hydrogen Combustion, Chemkin Pro.

Ansys Fluids - Battery and Fuel Cell Modelling & Thermal Modelling

Ansys Fluids - VOF and Multiphase Flow

Ansys Fluids - Aero: Fluent Aero Workspace, Numerics Enhancements for Density Based Solver, Adaption: Hessian-based Error Metric, Two Temperature Equation Model Enhancements.

Ansys Fluids - Acoustics & Various Misc Solver/Meshing Enhancements: Runtime Discrete Fourier Transform, Acoustic Sponge Layer Creation, Improved Workflow with Ansys Sound, Dual Time-Stepping, Unified Remeshing, Flow Modelling in Thin Gaps, Solver Robustness: Orthogonality Enhancing Metrics, Partitioning Enhancements for Solver Robustness, Multiple Reference Pressure (MRP) Optimisation.

Ansys Fluids - Optimisation & Add-ons: Turbulence Model Optimiser (and other adjoint optimisation improvements), Fluent Multi-GPU Solver (Beta), Post Analysis (Beta), Polyflow (Beta), GPU Processing (Beta).

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