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Congratulations to Australian teams in F1 in Schools 2013 World Finals

At LEAP we have a long-standing relationship with all the major universities in Australia and New Zealand.  Our participation extends from the supply of best-in-class engineering software to other important activities such as guest lectures and hands-on workshops/training classes for both academic staff and students.  We also have an ongoing commitment to regularly employ new graduate engineers, many of whom have made their interest in CAE known to us during these earlier on-campus visits.

Our frequent interactions with university staff and students have served to underline the importance of the effective teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related subjects.  Indeed, we can see how an early passion and engagement in these STEM subjects can make all the difference to help a student successfully pursue a career in engineering and help create our next generation of innovators (which, in turn, strengthens our economy through these design & innovation skills that many commentators have shown are currently lacking).

To help boost interest in these STEM subjects, LEAP is pleased to announce our participation in the 2013 F1 in Schools competition through in-kind support (comprising a series of detailed 3D CFD simulations) to the 3 Australian teams who are competing in the World Finals in Austin, Texas:

F1inschools-austinA1 Racing - collaborative team comprising Phoenix P-12 College in Ballarat, Vic, and Pine Rivers State High School, Queensland

Motion Racing - students from Engadine High School, Sydney

Odyessy - collaborative team comprising Brighton Secondary College, South Australia, & Donavate Community College, Ireland.

By all accounts, the Australian students have enjoyed their whirlwind trip this week in Austin, which culminates tonight in the final award ceremony at midnight AEDT.  You can view the awards ceremony webcast live on YouTube.  The use of CFD for aerodynamic design and stability at A1 Racing has already brought some early success with A1 Racing having the fastest car in the timetrials earlier this week, and we'll know more about the other judging components (and overall winners) after tonight's ceremony.


We'd like to congratulate all three teams for their efforts in making it to the World Finals, and no matter the final results we are sure that this will be an experience that they will never forget.  If you (or your kids) want to get involved in F1 in Schools next year, we encourage you to visit the REA F1 in Schools website for more information.


Images courtesy LEAP Australia, A1 Racing, F1 in Schools and Re-Engineering Australia Foundation.

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