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Scale-up Simulations Used to Investigate the Impact of Scale-up on the Flow Field

ANSYS CFD assists the Pharmaceutical Industry to address scale-up challenges

For R&D and production engineers working in the pharmaceutical industry, the real challenges commence after a new drug molecule has been discovered. They are then tasked with taking a process that has been designed and verified at a small-scale (such in a test tube or a micro-reactor) and successfully reproducing this at an industrial scale …

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ANSYS PolyFlow Featured Image

Fast ROI using simulation of polymer manufacturing processes

ANSYS Polyflow is designed to simulate blow moulding and extrusion processes, as well as mixing of complex rheology liquids, film casting, extruder screw simulation, gravity assisted gob forming, glass pressing and mould filling. Many companies deliver a fast ROI of within 1 year using Polyflow for polymer processing simulations.

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